Frogans Factory is a site created and managed by Misteratomic, graphic designer and freelance web developer..

Supporting brands and companies for more than 25 years in the field of graphic identity, communication, publishing, and for a few years also in their website projects, I discovered the Frogans technology at the end of 2020, this new way of publishing content on the Internet, stand-alone and parallel to the Web.

This approach, which is very different from anything known until today in terms of content distribution on the Internet and the possibilities offered by Frogans sites, immediately appeals to us: compact sites, made to get to the point and favoring the visual by being able to take any form. If you are a company or a brand, your Frogans site can, for example, take the form of your logo, your latest product, your last communication campaign, etc.

Benefits of Frogans sites

Not very intrusive since small in size, on a computer Frogans sites float above all the applications you are using (without preventing them from functioning correctly): you continue to use them fully while benefiting of the broadcast of your Frogans sites in the foreground. This offers you unprecedented service and ergonomics, such as monitoring live news, stock market, sports results, managing your social networks, etc., or any other intranet service for a company. So you stay in constant contact with your areas of interest while being on another task.

Another great innovation is the thumbnail mode. As this mode minimizes the clutter of Frogans sites, we will be tempted to keep them on the screen, like small "pins" or mini-stickers, making our favorite universes accessible at any time. Publishers of Frogans sites therefore benefit from increased visibility: a very attractive feature in terms of digital marking.

Site Internet Frogans ouvert au dessus d'une application

Frogans sites opened on top of an application, all the functionalities of this application remain however available.

Site Internet Frogans ouvert au dessus d'une application

Reduced Frogans sites in thumbnail mode: minimal footprint but the sites remain accessible at all times.

Convinced of the potential of this technology, I made my first tests of Frogans sites (which illustrate this website) in order to explore the possibilities offered. Now able to realize these sites, I decided to position myself as an actor in this new ecosystem, as a graphic designer and developer, in order to offer content editors to support them in the design and production of their Frogans sites.

The Frogans technology will be made available to the general public in 2023. If you wish to take an interest in it, here is the announced schedule:

  • 2021: fundraising operation for the finalization and the start of distribution (find out more: https://f2r2.fr)
  • 2023: free download of the public version of Frogans Player, the browser dedicated to this new technology
  • During 2023: launch of the first Frogans sites

At that time, I will be able to support you in the development of your Frogans sites.
Contact me to know more.